Create a Positive Mind To See Your Dreams Come True

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If you are looking to make some changes in your life for the better, be very careful of the words you use.
It starts there first and foremost.
The language you use is very important and can determine how successful you are in your business or other areas of your life.
Too often, we say things that we don't realize have a negative connotation which has a negative effect on the mind.
If you are a business owner, creating a positive mind is essential to success.
Remember that saying your mom taught you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Let's add to that and not only should you not say it but don't think it either.
We can criticize and complain in our minds and think it isn't hurting anyone but it is really hurting you.
This is because the more 'junk' you think about, the less room there is to think about constructive thoughts that propel you further along in life.
Whatever you focus on, you become.
That means, you only want positive thoughts about others and about yourself.
Observe the words you speak and think.
Create a journal, take note of them over a week's time.
Look for patterns.
See how you react when an inconvenience or a problem arises.
What are the words that you speak right away? Once you've identified the areas that you need to work on, start replacing the thoughts and words with constructive and useful words that propel you forward.
For example, (hypothetically speaking) your son comes home and forgets his homework tablet at school.
If you typically would respond with scolding like, "I told you not to forget your stuff, you always forget something, can't you remember for once?" Although, you may be trying to get your son to not forget and be more responsible, this type of wording can subconsciously become a part of your son's reactions and instead of working to remember, he may start telling himself that he is so forgetful, and then will still forget! This plays out in other ways too, when your son forgets any items at any time.
The pattern is set.
He forgets and you keep reminding him that he is forgetting.
In lieu of using the language that is scolding, try this language.
"Son, being responsible with your items is something that you need to take more control of.
You can remember and you have less problems as a result.
But for now, how do you think you can solve this problem?" You are teaching him that it is time he becomes more responsible and he needs to be a problem solver at the same time.
And repeat the same words the next time he forgets because it will talk some time to break the pattern.
Other examples may just include what you tell yourself like, "I can't do this.
I am not good at (fill in the blank).
" Or how about when we complain about our bosses, in-laws, spouses, etc.
Here are tips that you can implement today: 1) Use cheerful words and phrases to describe yourself and others, like ambitious, full of life, eager, helpful, useful, optimistic, adventurous, beautiful.
2) Pick out something positive from your day to share and focus on that.
Do not allow yourself to say anything negative, even if there was only one positive thing that you can think of.
There is always something if you look for it.
3) Visual beautiful places in your mind to help you relax.
Envision a beautiful place to create positive emotions 4) Encourage and edify others with praise.
And don't forget to tell yourself what a good job you did too! 5) Use positive phrases when overcoming obstacles and problems.
Problems are can be teachers if you learn from they experience so don't complain about having problems.
They can propel you further than if you had none.
6) Be appreciate of the small things at the end of the day.
Write a list and focus on them.
Your list will grow longer the more that you do this.
7) Speak successfully when it comes to your business or your job even before the task is completely.
Positive minds create positive results.
Start practicing by yourself.
Talk to yourself in the mirror.
Tell yourself what a great job you did at work, school or at your chores.
You can do this if you have desire.
That's all it takes.
It may be strange to you at first.
But don't give it.
It will start to feel normal the more that you do it.
And the more you do it, you'll start getting better results.
These are the keys to success.

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