What to Do When You Are Sad

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Hug your baby Kiss and hug your baby.
Tell him how happy and how much you love him.
Tell him good stories.
Play along with him, and watch his favorite's movies.
Be a buddy and playmate to your child.
The idea is to indulge you to the fun and enjoyment of being a child.
Don't think of your problem Keep your mind off from negative thoughts.
It's the reason that you are nervous and uneasy.
The only way to do this is to watch good feel movies, those movies that inspires and motivates you.
Do away from movies that make you terrified and sad.
You can read books as well or do gardening.
You can try outdoor activities like badminton or bowling.
Do things that take your energy into fun activities.
Don't think about tomorrow The more you contemplate on the events of tomorrow the more you feel sad and bitter.
You can't control the events of tomorrow, but you can find a way to make your present day happy and worth some.
Leave the worries for tomorrow and live today as if it's your last day.
If the thoughts that dominate your mind for the future are negative and full of problems then better to divert your attention to positive things.
You can't be optimist today if your thoughts for tomorrow are full of pessimism.
The more you contemplate of the sad events for tomorrow the more you become sad and lonely.
The better thing to do is have fun and be jolly.
Find the most meaningful idea for you that will make you happy.
Keep laughing I knew some people who believe in the notion that when you laugh too much today you cry too loud tomorrow.
Well it's kind of childish thoughts but some adults have this concept in their mind.
That's why some professionals and businessmen keep themselves serious and pointed all the time because they don't want to waste their time on some jokes that make them ridiculous.
That's why the happiest people in the world are located in the third world countries.
They are the people whose lives are the poorest of poor but what keeps their spirit alive is their disposition in life to be happy.
The simple living and gratefulness in their hearts are what keeps them alive and happy.
They have no pressures and expectations to meet in life that's why their laughter is easy and bubbly.
Yet they don't worry if they have a food for their table for tomorrow.
They are happy because they have food for their table at the moment.
Life is simple and it's the man's wants that makes it difficult.
Keep talking When you keep on talking and relating your life to others you are deliberately taking the heaviness from your heart.
The more you share your thoughts and ideas to others the more you gain insights and advices from people.
Yes it's good to contemplate and think of your situation but sitting on it will not help.
You can always find the answers to people who had the same experiences you are going through right now.
By doing so you will realize that other people have bigger problems compared to your problem.
Make the most of your time today Today is the day you want to take your worries away.
And in order to do that you must make the most out of today.
Start by being grateful to everything that you have right now.
Be thankful for the job you have right now, the house you have, the food and clothing and other things that contribute to your well being.
Thank the people who helped you as well, your friends and family that loves you and your colleagues that make your working days easy.
Take time to pray and a time to be with the people you love.
In this way you not only ease your loneliness you also found the reason for happiness.
When you are sad today, it's only temporary and natural.
It will go away in time.
Some people find the above ideas as helpful, other people chose to let the moment go by.
And the most effective way to handle sadness and loneliness is to let the feeling sink in because in time it will go away and the feeling will be replaced with happiness.

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