How to Use Internet Explorer Mail

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    • 1). Set your default mail client by going to "Internet Options," then "Tools" and "Programs." With some operating systems, you will go to "Tools" first. In the "Email" box, select Microsoft Outlook from the list, or select or type in a mail client you would like to use instead. For some mail clients, you will need to put in your email address and password.

    • 2). Click the "Mail" button in your Internet Explorer toolbar. Put your email into the User box, and type your password into the Password box.

    • 3). Click on new messages, listed in bold, once you are inside of your email account. The messages will pop up on your screen so you can read them.

    • 4). Select "Reply" at the top of the message to reply to the email sender. A message box will pop up that includes the text of the messages to which you are replying. Type in your response and click "Send" to send the message.

    • 5). Select "Compose," which is on the left-hand side of the screen when you are in your inbox, to write a new message. Type the email address of the receiver in the "To" box or select a receiver from your contact list by choosing "Contacts" near the "To" box, scrolling through the contacts, checking the address or addresses you would like to send mail to and clicking "OK."

    • 6). Type your email into the message box provided, and click "Send" to send the mail.

    • 7). Select messages by clicking on the blank box next to them while they are displayed in your inbox. Once you have chosen messages, you can choose "Junk," "Trash," "Mark as new" or "Send to" from the list at the bottom of the screen. Those messages will move to wherever you have selected. If you choose "Send to," you will be presented with a list of folder options, and you may choose the one to send the checked message to.


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