What Type of Food is in Venezuela?

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Venezuela has a touch of marine flavor when talks about food place.
Fresh fish and shellfish generally are a part of typical fare.
In fact, you can get fresh fish and shellfish in practically any part of the country.
However, 'pabellon' is known as national food of the country.
Pabellon is a meat dish that is prepared with meat, rice, black beans and banana.
"Arepas", a kind of bread which is prepared with corn flour, salt and water, is demanded all the time everywhere.
A bite of it with jam or cheese tastes wonderful.
Arepas, with different methods of preparation and various implementations, is served by almost all the restaurants in Venezuela.
Few types of food that are commonly eaten in Venezuela are as follows: * Pabellon: This is a delicious preparation of stewed and shredded meat with banana and black beans.
* Arepa: This is also used as supplementary food.
It is a perfectly baked or fried combination of corn flour, water and salt.
* Hallaca: This dish is prepared with cornmeal mixed with beef, pork, and ham, and then boiled or steamed after wrapping in banana leaves.
A little amount of green pepper adds a wonderful flavor to it.
* Hervido: This is a soup made with beef, chicken or fish along with vegetables and tomatoes.
The vegetables used vary according to the region where the soup is prepared.
* Meat: It can be noticed that meat is the major ingredient in almost all types of food prepared in Venezuela.
Game meat like deer, capybara and rabbit are commonly consumed.

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