How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?

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The morning after the night before says more about how you feel about a woman than the actual night you met her. The morning after the night before can always be an anxious moment. The girl you went to bed with the night before in your drunken haze could feel like an epiphany in a dream. Instead you wake up next to a girl ten years older than you remember, and she only resembles the girl from the previous night when you squint.

The girl wakes up noticing you're body isn't quite what it was when you went to bed, and your three inches shorter without your shoes. It's a typical one night stand that you will both talk up to your friends as a night of passion. Whilst you know that the truth is, the sex wasn't all that and the hangover really wasn't worth it.

There are those unique cases however, in which you go home with a girl in a drunken haze, and she goes beyond all your expectations. The sex is great, you don't wake up next to Mrs. Doubtfire and she even makes you eggs in the morning just the way you like them. These girls are the ones you need to keep hold of. The girls that are more than just a one night stand.

These kind of girls put your shirt on in the morning and go and make you breakfast first thing in the morning. They wear your shirt in a way that you never could and the eggs they make are something to behold.

There are such things as great one night stands, and you can even build a relationship out of them. If you play your cards right there is nothing to say that you can't have your eggs just how you like them for the rest of your days. They may not be the best way in which to start relationships but they are one way to get a girl that you want, at least you are sexually attracted to each other.

One night horror stories make great anecdotes for friendly discussions but they also may just lead to something more than just an exotic night of seduction. Keep your mind open to one night stands and although you may wake up next to a few old hags, you may one day find the girl of your dreams in your arms.


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