How to Install Vinyl Boat Flooring

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    • 1). Use a tape measure to measure the area where you will be installing the vinyl. Transfer this measurement to the marine plywood. If the area is larger than a single sheet of plywood, butt the sheets together and lay the measurements out on the sheets, marking the dimensions on the plywood with a pencil and "connecting the dots" to show the lines for saw cuts in the plywood.

    • 2). Use a circular saw to cut the marine plywood sheets as needed.

    • 3). Turn the vinyl face down on the ground and lay one of the plywood sheets on the vinyl. Use the pencil to trace around the vinyl. Remove the plywood sheet and use heavy-duty scissors to cut the vinyl along the pencil lines. Repeat this process for each piece of plywood.

    • 4). Lift the plywood sheets into the boat and lay them in place. Use a screwdriver to fasten them at the corners with screws.

    • 5). Apply marine carpet adhesive to the plywood with a wide blade putty knife. Lay the vinyl in place (right side up) and press it down into the adhesive with a lawn roller. Allow the adhesive 24 hours to set completely.


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