SEO For the Part Time Marketer

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If you've been marketing online for any time at all one of the most popular topics is search engine optimization otherwise called SEO for short.
One of the biggest drawbacks to all of the SEO material that's on the market is the fact that there is no one search engine optimization technique that is right for every type of marketer and every type of business.
As a matter of fact I would say that for most marketers that are working at their online business on a part-time basis most of the search engine optimization material is actually counterproductive to spend time on.
I have been doing SEO for clients as well as myself for a number of years, and just like every client and every client's business is different so is the optimization techniques that are required in order to increase their ROI.
If you go through some of the SEO material that's available and you see all the intricate testing and research that you are cold you must do in order to rank it isn't long before you give up out of frustration because for you there just isn't enough hours in a day.
It is very overwhelming for the person who is working around other obligations such as a full-time job and time that needs to be spent with their family.
I'm going to give two examples, one of a marketer that is a content producer.
This type of marketer is looking to make income from AdSense, eBay, Amazon or affiliate products by supplying useful information to their website visitors and including related advertising.
The other example would be the person that is looking to make income from an online store.
An example of this would be a Yahoo store or an eBay store where the person is using a drop shipper or buying inventory wholesale and sell it through their e-commerce site.
Now each of these examples are very different and this is why it is very important to tailor your SEO efforts to the type of business that you are running.
Some of the basic SEO techniques that are a must for all types of sites include choosing the right keywords and including the keywords that your targeting in the title tags of your website pages.
The next technique that is also paramount is link building and making sure that the keywords that you were targeting are in the anchor texts of those links.
There are all different kinds of software on the market that you can spend a lot of time and money on trying to get your site ranked but for the two business models that I stated above you will be better served by using the simple SEO technique of article marketing.
It has been proven time and time again if you can stay focused using whatever time you have implementing an article marketing plan on a consistent basis over time you will see your rankings and profits increase.
Now of course if someone selling a software product that signed you up for sites and blast your links out to hundreds or even thousands of directories your websites they're going to tell you this is going to drive you right straight to the top of the search engines.
It is been my experience that this type of so called SEO marketing is at best short-lived.
Simply providing quality content with links back to your site that will be distributed on hundreds of other sites will gain you a nice assortment of diversified back links as well as some free traffic.
A nice supplement to an article marketing strategy would be to utilize social bookmarking and RSS distribution both of which can be done for free through various sites on the web.
At one time or another we all fall victim to the latest and greatest must-have software or information product but the more you can stay focused and disciplined yourself to produce articles every week that will gain you links back to your site you will see an increasing your profits as well as building a long-term income asset.
Also keep in mind that it's not only the income that you will be making from your sites that's important as your sites grow in your rankings, they also become more valuable as virtual real estate that you can sell if you choose at some point in the future.

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