Old Fashioned Christmas Decorations and Where You Can Find Them

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The look and feel of an old-fashioned Christmas brings back feelings of nostalgia for simpler, less hectic, and less expensive times.
Creating this ambiance in your home is easy with a few simple ideas.
An old-fashioned Christmas decorating theme  can range anywhere from Victorian times to classic 50's decorations.
It is important to decide on an era and stick with it.
Multi-colored lights hark to the fifties, but if you really want to go back in time, think of candlelight, which translates today to become white instead of colored lights.
If you can find a yellower light, that is even better.
The best way to achieve an old-fashioned look is to choose one era and stick with it through your decorating; from door decorations, to centerpieces, to the tree, to even how you wrap your gifts.
The colors in an old-fashioned Christmas are the traditional reds and greens.
Muting these colors invokes a feeling of history.
Instead of stark white, use ivories and the look of unbleached muslin.
Think Americana, with cranberry and faded dusky hues, denim, rose, and pine green..
Where to find your decorations? If you are looking for actual old authentic pieces think garage sales, thrift and antique stores.
Summer is the time to go to garage sales, so think about your decorating scheme all year round.
Even in thrift or antique stores, picking up items off-season gives you a better selection and lower price.
If you find new things that will work, make them look old by distressing and aging through tea-dyes.
Put your mindset back to earlier times.
What do you remember most from your past Christmas? Many things were handmade, so look for things that look hand crafted.
Old children's' toys are a good background to begin with.
An old wagon or rocking horse will evoke memories of times past.
You can fill the wagon with your packages.
Prop the horse in front of the tree and set a few stuffed animals on it.
A train-track around the tree will also give you an old-fashioned feeling.
When you decorate your Christmas presents, go back to an earlier time.
Bags were not a part of old fashioned Christmas.
Think vintage wrapping paper, or use brown craft paper to wrap everything.
Some old-fashioned Christmases were elegant, but most were simple and brought the outdoors inside.
Bring in lots of evergreen cuttings.
You can still use an artificial tree, but in this case it should be one of the newer models that mimic closely what is natural outside.
When decorating the tree think of what was in homes of long ago.
Candle light, homemade ornaments, a few expensive one of kind glass ornaments, popcorn and cranberries strung on thread, paper chains and paper ornaments.
Stay away from intricate and fancy ornaments, which were rarely seen in olden days.
Tinsel was generally popular in the You do not have to spend a lot create an old-fashioned Christmas in your home.
You can find many items in attics, basements, at thrift sores and garage sales.
Whether you decide to decorate in the late Victorian era, or go back to a later time, decorating your home in an old-fashioned style for Christmas is a great way to bring a slower time and a simpler mindset to your home during the holidays.

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