Are You Afraid to Approach Women?

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I have a buddy who will under no circumstances approach a woman he doesn't know. It doesn't matter if she's making direct eye contact and sending him a "come seduce me" smile. He's absolutely scared to death of making cold approaches. If you share his philosophy of fear, then you're missing out on a lot of opportunities. It's your job as a male to approach women and to show interest first.

Think for a moment about how you feel if a perfect stranger compliments you. Have you ever had a woman smile and approach you out of the blue? Ever had a carload of girls drive by when you're jogging and scream at you approvingly? It makes you feel great doesn't it? It doesn't even matter if she's hot or not. If a woman shows interest in you, then you feel great inside.

That's exactly how women feel. It doesn't matter if they're not attracted to you. It doesn't matter if you say something stupid. If you approach a woman she'll be genuinely flattered by the attention you're giving her.

Of course if you approach them in a threatening or creepy manner, they're not going to appreciate meeting you. On the other hand, if you go up to them in a good natured way and say something halfway pleasant, they'll love it.

Why do you think women spend hours doing their hair and nails? Why do you think the girl at the mall is wearing a miniskirt that shows off her shapely legs? They do that stuff for you! Women WANT men to appreciate their beauty. They crave the attention. Your attention affirms their sexuality.

So what have you got to lose? You want to meet hot women. Hot women want to be admired. What's the problem here?

So what if you approach a group of girls and say something stupid? They might laugh at you? WHO CARES?! Being laughed at never killed anyone and it helps you to grow thicker skin. The worst thing that can happen is that you won't get their phone number, which you never had in the first place. So how is being rejected by a total stranger a bad thing?

They don't know you so they're not rejecting who you are inside. They don't know what qualities you possess, or the many skills you have. They don't truly know who you are so their rejection means nothing.

Granted, at first it can be hard to gather the courage to blindly walk up to hot women. You may stutter, say something stupid, or words may not come out at all. Always keep in mind what the worst thing that can happen is if you fail. NOTHING!

Successfully approaching hot women is a numbers game. At first you'll experience a disproportionate number of rejections. But as you gain confidence you'll be rejected less and less often and your successes will increase dramatically. Eventually you'll simply stop caring and the nervousness will go away.

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