Please My Wife! Making-Up Success

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Here's the thing about why I needed to "please my wife" in bed, this major observation maybe something that you are aware of, or it maybe totally new? But the one thing that it is, is it's so real in relation to having a happy wife, to having the unhappy nagging wife! Every body has heard of the term "sexual tension" right.
Well believe it or not that is the beginning of most marital problems, if a man can't make love to his wife and give her orgasmic satisfaction, they do get grumpy...
Most wife's will bottle this type of anger up, or they will share there frustrations with their close friends, but most will not say much to their husbands! And this is a big contributing factor to why a wife will cheat on their husband.
This is how it usually goes, you have sex with your wife, you ejaculate and are satisfied? The wife took what she could get but was left wanting more because she did not climax, and she starts to build up in her subconscious some sexual frustration! She will then become grumpy at you, and you will wonder why, and generally retaliate! Arguing will go on for some time, and you will end up having to apologize for something that is not really applicable.
You and your wife will have make up sex, when you'll try extra hard to please her, and things will be OK! Some time will pass, the love making will slacken again, and something like the above scenario will happen all over again! Learning to please my wife and give her that sexual satisfaction that she needs, has worked wonders for our relationship.
I am not saying you need to become a sexual god here, but if you can give your wife a good servicing once or twice a week, she will remain pleased, and the unnecessary arguments will fade away! If you picked a random night, and out of the blue did something helpful like the washing up--or even cooking the dinner!--this would be in her mind rather exciting, and the beginning of foreplay.
Foreplay is a huge part for the woman, your wife loves to know how much you love her body, and if you touch her in the right places, giving her an orgasm is easy...

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