How to Make Pine Cones Into Trees

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    • 1). Rinse your pine cones, and pat them dry with paper towels. A quick cleaning removes any sap or dirt that would make painting difficult.

    • 2). Paint your pine cones using a paintbrush and green paint. Poke the paintbrush between each row and layer of the pine cone petals, so that you paint the entire pine cone, not just the outer edges.

    • 3). Sprinkle your green pine cone with powdered sugar to create the appearance of snow. Dust the powered sugar with your fingers while the paint is still wet, and hold your pine cone upright to ensure an even distribution of "snow."

    • 4). Set your complete pine cones in an empty egg carton. Position each pine cone in its own carton indentation, to prevent them from sticking together or smudging the sugar snow.


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