Thank You Gifts for Bosses

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    • Purchase a miniature clock for his desk. For a personalized touch, have it engraved with a simple message like, "Thank you for all your hard work." Or you can have his initials engraved, along with the department and company name. A wall clock is another option to demonstrate your appreciation for all her hard work. Show your boss that you put some thought into your gift by purchasing a clock that matches the décor in her office as well as the color of the wood.

    Gift Certificate

    • You know your boss eats lunch at the same restaurant every day. Purchase a gift card to the restaurant of his choice and maybe he'll take you along. For a boss that enjoys an occasional game of golf on his day off, purchase a gift certificate to a golf store so he can pick items he prefers. Or purchase a gift certificate for a weekend game at the local golf course. For a female boss that rarely has time to pamper herself, give her a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage or day of services.


    • For a book-loving boss, give the latest best seller. You've may have seen out-dated copies of business and news magazines on his desk, so purchase a subscription to a magazine so he can keep up on all the latest happenings in the corporate world.

    Gift Baskets

    • Gift baskets are a way to combine your boss' favorite things into one gift. For instance, place the latest mystery novel inside the basket, along with a gift certificate and some personalized stationery. For a boss that eats healthfully, give her a basket filled with fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks, along with a coupon for the health food bistro around the corner.


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