How To Overcome First Date Jitters

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What were your first date experiences? Were you a bag of nerves full of jitters? Did the effort of keeping up with the conversations and the pressure of what to do and where to go bowled you over? Or did you find your first dates experiences being fun and pleasant? For most people, first dates can be very stressful and full of jitters especially so if you have not met each other before and is meeting for the first time.
The pressure comes from not knowing the other party well and so you are afraid of saying and doing the wrong things that may upset your date.
If that described you, don't worry, this is a very common emotion for many people on their first date.
So let your hair down and relax.
This is because your date may be just as jittery as you are for perfectly the same reasons and if both of you hold back for fear of making mistakes, then both of you will go home with nothing pretty much to talk about and the date will end up as a bad forgettable experience.
So take the pressure off from yourself so that you and your date can get to know each other better and making it an enjoyable experience for the both of you.
Treat the date as if you are on an outing with a good old buddy and do what you will do with the buddy and all the pressures will be off.
Although you can treat your date like an outing with a buddy of yours, there is an invisible line to be drawn.
The reason for this is that you are meeting this person for the first time, you may want to find out more about him or her and if too many personal questions were asked, your date may feel like you are interrogating him or her.
So you should just banter about neutral subject matters like discussing a movie or a book you have read.
This will mean that you should not delve too much into your date's personal life.
It takes time to build bonding and if you are too nosy, you may just scare your date off.
So there are some taboo subjects you should not talk about.
Firstly, do not talk about financial matters.
While you are discussing your job, there is no need to talk about your investments or your financial status.
Most of all, do not discuss how much you are earning or your date's salary.
If you do, your date will see you as a loser both ways because if you talk about how much you are earning, you will be seen as being a show off and if you lament about how little you earn, you will be seen as a person having low self-esteem.
Another taboo subject you should not talk about is your previous relationships.
Just put yourself into your date's shoes.
What if your date talked about his or her previous relationship all through the night, how will you feel then? If your date were to ask you whether you are divorced or how long you have been single, there is nothing wrong with being honest about your status.
That is just being candid.
However, you need not go into the details or bad mouth the person involved in your previous relationship because it will raise all kinds of red flags in your date's head.
So just relax, banter about some non controversial subjects such as interesting travel experiences, your exciting hobbies and some current affairs besides religion or politics, your first date will certainly be a very pleasant and memorable experience without the first date jitters.

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