Can I Paint Stripes in a Small Hallway?

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    • If you have a small hallway, you need to determine whether you want it to look taller or wider. The direction of the stripes will change the viewer's perception of the area. Vertical stripes add height to a short hall, but if you have a lofted ceiling in a narrow entry hall, horizontal stripes will help to visually lower the ceiling and make the area look wider or longer.


    • The size of the stripes also play a role in how the area looks. Wide stripes will overwhelm the size of the area. Opt for narrow, vertical pinstripes in your hallway to be proportionate to the overall size of the area. A large number of pin stripes in a small hallway will give the illusion that the area is taller than it really is. Wide horizontal stripes add both height and length to a hallway.


    • Choose light colors to add brightness to the hallway and make it appear larger. Sharply contrasting colors such as black and white for stripes will be dramatic, but the effect can overwhelm a tiny entry hall. For added color without making a hallway feel stifling, try sheen stripes. These are made by painting stripes in a slightly darker paint with a glossy finish over a background flat color. The stripes with a glossy finish will also reflect light in the hallway better, making it feel more open.


    • The spacing of the stripes is important to how small or large the hallway feels. Evenly spaced stripes give a formal appearance to the hallway, but stripes with narrowing or alternating distances between those of the same color add a visual interest to the area. Narrowing the distance between vertical stripes at the end of a hallway gives the illusion that the hallway is longer than it is by playing with perspective. Horizontal stripes that narrow in distance toward the ceiling make the hallway look taller.


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