Turning Contacts Into Sales

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Attitude is everything.
When you meet with a current or potential client, be sure to be confident.
Stand straight, make direct eye-contact, but not too much; you don't want to seem odd or creepy.
When you shake hands, be warm and firm.
Speak in calm, even tones and phrases, and finally, smile.
Nothing says that all is right with the world like a smile.
Know your stuff.
Most likely, you already know your company's history, mission statement, and products.
If you do not, learn them inside and out immediately.
You should also know your customers, their companies, interests, and if possible their resumes.
To find this information, make Google your best friend.
A few words and a click of a mouse can put useful information at your finger tips.
Get to the point.
When you get in front of a client, treat their time as valuable.
Know your product, what it will do for the client, and what their ROI (return on investment) is.
This should be able to be delivered in under a minute.
If not, practice.
The language you use should be client-focused and benefit-rich, without technical jargon the average person would think of as a foreign language.
Ask away.
Be sure to ask questions that relate to the client's needs.
These questions should be open, so that the client elaborates on their needs.
The more you know about what they need, the more you can show them how the product will help them.
Be careful with this information, clients today are savvy, and will know when they are being manipulated, so always be honest.
Challenge the client.
This is not an opening for a debate or argument, but rather for you to avoid being a "yes-man/woman.
" Treat the client like an equal, and when they say something that you disagree with, politely state that and why.
Your client will appreciate your honesty and you are instantly elevated from just a sales person to a trusted advisor.

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