How to Make Butterfly Invitations

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      Gather different colors and types of paper together. Use any type of paper you have including construction paper, card stock, or use remnants of floral wrapping paper. Fold the paper in half. The first piece of paper, for the card should be at least 4 by 5 inches. For a bigger butterfly, start with bigger paper.

    • 2). Cut out a half of a butterfly shape from the folded paper. Find butterfly shapes and outlines at the Earth's Birthday website and Butterfly Pictures site. See the Resources section for links. Print out a full coloring sheet and cut out the butterfly shape to use as your template for the invitations. Fold the printed butterfly over the folded paper and trace the outline with a pencil. Cut along the pencil marks to cut out the butterfly.

    • 3). Create more butterfly wing shapes, similar to the first set. The subsequent sets of wings should be smaller than the card itself. These wings will be layered onto the card, to create a colorful effect. Glue a couple of wing shapes onto the card, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.

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      Embellished butterfly; P. Gaulin

      Glue a colored craft stick to the middle of the butterfly, on the outside. Leave a small part poking over the top, like a little head. Dot two eyes on, to make it a cute butterfly. Add any embellishments to the butterfly including glitter glue, sequins or rhinestones. Cut out colorful circles and shapes from the paper and glue those on to the butterfly to further enhance it.

    • 5). Make antennas out of a pipe cleaner. The antennas can be as short or as long as you would like. Wrap the pipe cleaner once around the top of craft stick. Secure with glue, or leave as is. Curl each end of the pipe cleaner around a pencil.

    • 6). Write down party details on another piece of paper cut into a butterfly shape. Choose a lightly colored piece of paper. Glue the paper inside.


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