Role Of SEO

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Today search engines play a great role in providing information about every thing, whether you want information about any latest movies, songs, foods, hotels, any specific services every thing is provided by search engines.
But there is one question arises which information is helpful to user & which is not? This question is very common between the users who uses Google, Yahoo, MSN for finding services & other information, because in this corporate world every one wants that, their services will reach to the users & there is lot of competition for this & the result of this war of corporate world is suffered by the users.
So what should be the solution for providing right information to users.
Yes now this is the right question.
The popular search engines follows some strategies & the websites who follow these strategies will listed in SERP.
The strategy of these are very simple, they says that, the websites are content rich & the content will be well presented.
The search engines hates the flashy & heavy images.
Now the another question arises, how the websites are designed & developed according to search engines ? This is again a good question.
To develop & designed websites according to them somebody have to do deep research of Google, Yahoo & MSN.
But who will do this, a designer, a developer or someone specialist in search engines.
Yes a specialist, a specialist who know all about Google, Yahoo & MSN, will optimize websites according to the them.
From here the role of SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) comes who will do optimization for your websites.
A SEO assist in designing & developing the websites according to Google, Yahoo & MSN.
But the work of SEO is not ends here, it has total responsibility to promote the website, so that more people can reach to websites & use the services, products & information.
The SEO community is related to marketing industry, that's why it brings more focus on to the end-user.
Due to this marketing background SEO's enables to find the targeted audience.

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