What Do Sleep Numbers Mean on a Select Comfort Bed?

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    Sleep Number Design

    • Sleep Number mattresses provide a cushion of support through air chambers inside. The firmness levels of these air chambers are adjustable through a Firmness Control System. Each side of the bed can be adjusted, depending on preference. This design contrasts with the conventional coil-and-spring insides of other mattresses.

    Calculating a Sleep Number

    • The sleep number is calculated from a person's height, weight, and preferred sleeping position. The number is also based on the chooser's preferred sleep surface, whether it be soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. Consideration is also given to how restlessly a person sleeps, how well-rested a person feels during the day, and how often a person feels pressure on his or her shoulder and hips.

    Sleep Number Settings

    • The sleep number setting is a number between zero and 100. This number represents the ultimate combination for mattress firmness, support, and comfort, based on the calculations from a person's sleep habits and preferences.


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