List Building - How To Gain Leverage Out Of Every JV Deal And Grow A Humungous List!

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Now here's a technique to grow your lists really quickly that's a little devious and it turns the tables to get you a fairer deal.
You might have heard of list building ad swaps.
This is a really quick list to build a mailing list.
Basically, a marketer promotes your squeeze page to their list, and you promote their squeeze page to your list.
It provides quick and instant results for rapid list building.
Here's how to do ad swaps even faster without making it appear to 'look' like a swap.
When a fellow marketer approaches you to do a joint venture (JV) deal to promote his/her product, ask him if he'll do a promotion of your squeeze page to his/her list in return! The email might look something like this: "Hi, Thanks for your JV offer! I'd be keen to promote your offer if you're willing to promote this free offer for me: your website URL I have a list of ____ k subscribers so maybe you could send to similar numbers.
Let me know! :)" This is beneficial and does a 2-prong attack for you: it builds your list and you can make some moolah from promoting the product.
And that's turning JV deals 'on it's head' and getting you leverage out of every joint venture offer you receive! You'll start building a list really quickly (faster than you competitors) because you are not just turning away JV deals, you are welcoming them with open arms to build your list bigger and faster!

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