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My Virgin Night Story
Throwaway because I've told this story to a few folks. I trust them not to identify me. Posting here because this seemed the most appropriate place even though it isn't as racy as what is usually posted here.
At Work
So I'm 16 working at Wafflehouse one evening and end up serving 3 girls from school who would not have given me the time of day there. They recognize me and we talk a bit before they end up inviting me to a party not far away. A quick call to my dad, who said I could go to the party when I got off at midnight (a decision he regrets and I am grateful for), and they arrange to pick me up. Much to my surprise, they actually do.
The Party
I arrive to a packed 1 bedroom apartment with a bathroom off the bedroom and am immediately offered a can of beer. I take the only empty seat in the house; middle of the couch between a very drunk looking big guy and a very pretty girl. She was already a little sloshed and we hit it off well. A lot of smiles all around.
About this time, my bladder (which is not used to beer) needs emptying so I go stand in the line, which extends into the main room. Before long, I make it into the bedroom and realize that there is a couple in the bed going at it. The line to the bathroom is just kind of standing there watching so I don't mind doing the same. It was very informative to say the least.
After using the bathroom, I go back to the couch to find that the pretty girl saved my seat. A short time later, the couple comes out of the bedroom and she leans over and says, "Do you want to go to the bed?"
"Sure. Let's go."
It was that easy. Once we were naked in the bed, I didn't notice the line to the bathroom at all. I won't bore you with the details, but I was able to finish twice (once very quickly and then a not as short time later) and we casting couch vids went back out to the party, though we had to find new seats as ours were taken. Needless to say, I didn't mind at all. I was flying high.
The Pool Party
Someone at the party said we should go swimming and a bunch of us went for it. Before long, there are 12 females in their teens & early twenties and 7 males (myself included) all naked in this pool. While I only penetrated my girl while in the pool, I kissed at least two others while doing so. I cannot emphasize how exciting the pool party was. I am so grateful for those memories.
The Other Party and the Car
The oldest guy in this mix got a call about another party where they had acid (which I was completely unaware of at this point and was NOT ready for) and some of us packed into a few cars and off we went. The car we ended up in was the oldest guys. It was a 5 day old Eagle Talon and he bragged that he paid the most you could for the car. It had the racing everything. This should be fun.
The Adrenaline
So this guy shifts into 5th going 100 (mph) on back casting couch the onramp to the freeway. The speedometer goes up to 180. He ended up cruising at 160 with the tach at 4,500 rpms, 1,000 from the orange bars and 2,000 from the red line. I looked from the instrument panel to the road just in time to see a semi come into view up ahead. From the time I could see it in front of us until I couldn't see it behind, the damn thing didn't appear to move. I distinctly remember the wheels not turning as we went by. It freaked me right the fuck out and I asked the driver to slow down.
He slowed to 120 and we were coming up on a part of the freeway with a tiny drop off between sections of concrete that makes your tires go thump thump as you go over at 65 or 70. I don't know if you've ever been airborne in a car, but everything gets real quiet. Except the engine. It whines hideously as all resistance is removed. We were probably only in the air for a split second before the tires hit again, but it seemed like an eternity.
The Wreck
When we hit pavement again, we were still in the middle lane (of three), but pointed slightly to the right with grass on the right and the dividing wall to the left. Instead of trying to drive straight or spinning the wheel to the right in hopes of spinning out safely, idiot old guy spins to the left and we end up into the wall at 120 and grinding along for 500 yards before hitting a divider that was sticking out a bit and spinning out into the middle lane again and finally stopping.
What I experienced was seeing the wall coming and trying to brace myself, but it was happening way too fast. The left side of my face hit the back of the passenger headrest, which bounced me back into my seat hard enough that I bounced back into the headrest again. Bam! Bam! Then I was able to get my arms out on it so that didn't happen again as we ground along the wall.
Sparks are flying everywhere and the sound was horrendous, but the worst thing was the smell. Burning oil and engine so potent that inhaling it started a sort of hyperventilation, rapidly breathing in and out involuntarily, causing you to inhale more of it. I just kept my arms up until we spun out and stopped, thinking, This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad...
The Aftermath
When we finally stopped, my first thought was I'm deaf. Then I realized that everything was just really quiet compared to the sounds of the last few seconds (which again had seemed like an eternity). My head hurt and my girl and the driver are not conscious. There was nobody in the passenger seat to get the door on my side, but the driver door was wide open, so I started smacking him on his face, which had blisters from the airbag already. This woke him enough to roll out the door, which prompted me to start smacking my girl, who quickly woke and stumbled out before joining the driver in passing out again.
So I'm standing there stunned hanging onto the center divider when the truck we passed pulls up and runs out saying he already called for the ambulance and that everything is going to be okay. I responded by promptly throwing up a fair amount of blood. My parents were both nurses, so I know that this is a bad sign. Apparently so does the truck driver because he runs back to the truck and starts screaming into his radio.
The Ambulance Ride
When the ambulance got there, they strapped us to backboards and loaded us in before speeding off to the nearest hospital. I don't know if you've ever been strapped to a backboard before, but I could only move my toes and fingers. Nothing else was even an option. While I appreciate them protecting my neck and back, I soon became nauseous again. "I'm college sex tapes gonna puke!"
"No problem"
I am picked up off the shelf and flipped from my back to my stomach on an axis running straight down the middle of my body in about a tenth of a second. Later, I was told this is used intentionally as it is very effective at getting it over with already. Well, it is and I found myself again throwing up copious amounts of blood, this time into a waiting trashcan lined with a biohazard bag. I did it again once more before we got to the hospital. They sped up each time.
The Hospital and the Great Escape
After x-rays and other stuff including some good drugs, my girl and I ended up in rooms across the hall from one another with open doors. It was nice to have the distraction and we were cooing at each other and blowing kisses. Then, she puts her finger in front of her lips and says "Shhh" before sneaking out of the room and down the hall. She was brought back by some cops about 10 minutes later and tried it again, but was brought back immediately. Turns out she was a 14-year-old runaway who they had been looking for for a while. (Keep in mind, 16 at the time and she told me 16 and looked it.) I never saw her again, but we had quite an adventure together and I hope she's okay.
My Aftermath
I ended up with 9 broken bones in the left side of my face. 3 in the orbit of my eye, two each in the cheekbone, nose, and jawbone. The blood I threw up came from my nose. Apparently, our stomach can only take about a pint before it rejects it. I had minor surgery to take pressure off my eyeball at the site of the outside corner break of the orbit and have a tiny, almost invisible scar there. My front teeth had a 1/8" gap between then until the wreck, which fixed me right up. amateur porno Also, my left eye is closed slightly when open & doesn't quite close when I close them, and my jaw is a little less prominent on the left side. If you have virtually any inquiries relating to where by as well as how you can utilize Casting Couch you porn, you are able to contact us from the web-page. Both are superficial and noticed by few until I point them out.
They sent me home the next day with a big bottle of pills which my mom insisted I take. I refused the first and second days, saying I didn't need them; I mostly slept. The third day I woke up begging for them. My head hurt so bad! For the next two weeks, I woke up to drink my meals, pee and take another pill berfore going back to sleep. And then I gradually came out of that haze.
So that's my virgin night story and I haven't heard one to beat it yet. I will not provide proof as I can't without identifying photos, but I assure you that every word is true. My parents sued the driver and when I was 18, I got $10,000. I went through it in a month, mostly taking all my broke ass friends out to eat in groups of 6 or 8 and out to the strip clubs a couple of times, with only two broke ass vehicles to show for it. If there's a lesson here, that's it. You never have as much money as you think you do and it goes fast. Thanks for reading. (edit - formatting) VirginNightThrowaway

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