How to Meet Local Single Women

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    Become a real friend

    • 1). Pursue the friendship by first reversing the roles in your own mind. There is probably a woman who is great to be around, yet does not spark that romantic attraction in yourself. However there could be one of your guy friends who would consider her to be a perfect catch.

    • 2). Try new things that are outside of your normal span of activities. Yoga or cooking class might be just the place where there are significantly more women than men. Due to the fact that you came in with a female friend, you will get introduced. This lets the other women know you are OK.

    • 3). Take the opportunity to receive a little friendly female advice on your wardrobe, hair cut, hygiene, apartment and personal style. Friends can tell each other things that lovers can't. You can ask for honest feedback on issues that would normally be embarrassing to discuss.

    Create and notice attraction

    • 1). Get centered. Poised, self-aware people are perceived as being more secure in themselves and therefore more attractive.

      1. Close your eyes.

      2. Count to 10 as you inhale.

      3. Hold your breath for 10 counts.

      4. Exhale as you count to 10.

      5. Take in a quick deep breath, as you tense your whole body.

      6. Release the tension and let all the air out of your lungs.

      7. Observe your breath coming and going as if you were at the beach watching the waves.

      You can vary the number of counts according to your comfort level.

    • 2). Become more selective about who you give your attention to. Create healthy boundaries around your personal space and focus on doing what makes you happy.

    • 3). Pay attention to your inner reactions when you are with others. Evolutionary instincts help us perceive when others are attracted. If you look only for visual cues of interest, you may miss more subtle indicators gathered by the unconscious mind.


    • 1). Understand the key stages of a successful first meeting:

      1. The man and woman approach each other in an indirect and nonconfrontational way.

      2. The conversation is typically initiated by the man, but not always.

      3. At some point, the man and woman "click." They swivel and turn to a more intimate, face-to-face orientation.

      4. The first touch is typically initiated as an innocent gesture by the woman.

      5. They develop a rapport, and begin to mirror each other's movements.

    • 2). Notice what she does and reciprocate. The woman typically touches the man first, if she is interested. It can be very casual and subtle. If the man does not respond, she may try again. Ultimately the man must step it up a notch by reciprocating the touch.

    • 3). Suggest you get together again. In many social settings, your first meeting may be brief, just enough to develop a bit of rapport. The next step would be to exchange contact information to reconnect later.


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