How to Make Your Memory Work For You

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It can begin with some minor instance like forgetting the birthday of a colleague at work.
Then your friend, and then the birthdays of people really near to you: like your family.
Hey! Or even worse your wedding anniversary.
After that, it could be that you forget the way to your best friend's house, or to your favorite restaurant.
And then if your memory gets really bad you forget your own keys inside your home.
Don't worry! The thing is everyone suffers from moments of forgetfulness.
Even though, you weren't probably born with a photographic memory, the good news is there are ways to improve the memory, and it doesn't matter how old you are you can still do it! As the body gets older, the neurons in the brain also get older.
Some will die while others perform in a more sluggish way than usual.
This is why people who are very old have a more confused memory than much younger people.
But hey! As stated above, there are ways to enhance the memory, and here are some ways to do it.
Do you use visuals or sounds? What kind of learner are you? Some people use visuals to remember things, others sound.
If you are a visual person for example, all you need to do if you are trying to remember a shopping list is to look at the whole list and you will then be able to see in your mind the list.
Other people, however, are more into sounds they need to hear the list before they can remember it: they read the list out loud to themselves.
If you want to find out which method will work for you, try recalling how you memorize at school.
Do you see the words in your mind (visual) or do you read them out loud (sound)? Make use of associations: the brain needs assistance when it comes to remembering things.
The simpler you make the remembering task for the brain the easier it will be for it to remember information.
Associating information with things that we already know has been used in memory development for centuries.
For example, have you heard of mnemonics? When memorizing a group of words, we frequently take the first letter of that word and then form a sentence or words from those letters.
Associating the word that we are trying to commit to memory with the first letter makes it simpler for the brain to remember.
Try to visualize it: have you ever thought why the expression photographic memory is use for people with a truly outstanding memory? The reason is that people who actually memorize well or have an excellent memory do not see one thing or one bit of information when memorizing.
They see a picture of the words in set.
For example, a person with a shopping list will typically memorize the items on the list one by one, but people who have studied memory improvement will memorize it in its entirety.
They will examine the list and visualize it as a whole until they can see the list in their mind- just as if they were holding it in their hands.
Eat the right foods: a great way to a better memory is to take on a healthier diet.
Your diet will have a great influence on your skill to memorize things.
Eating wholesome brain foods like fish, milk and tofu will assist your brain to perform better and faster.
There are numerous ways to improve the memory, but the most significant thing is to promise yourself that you will improve your memory no matter what.
Good Luck!

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