A Guide to Holidays in Puerto De La Cruz Teneriefe

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In the north of Tenerife lies Puerto De La Cruz, right at the foot of the dormant volcano Mount Teide.
Once a major port, this small coastal town started off the tourist boom to the Canary Islands many years ago.
Puerto De La Cruz offers many attractions but the two which you cannot miss are Mount Teide and Las Cañadas National Park.
Mount Teide is the Sphinx of Tenerife and also the highest mountain in Spain and will leave you breathless in amazement! The town of La Orotava which is host to the natural beauty of Valle De La Orotava should merit at least a day of pleasant exploration.
You can also spend time wandering around the fantastic historical architecture of Puerto De La Cruz, such as the Castle of San Felipe.
If you don't envision spending your time in old buildings of Puerto De La Cruz, then Loro Parque with its host of creatures great and small may be moreto your taste and will give you a great day our that you will always remember.
Whilst visiting Puerto De La Cruz, make sure you bring an extra suitcase as shopping as Puerto De La Cruz has that wonderful thing - 'free port status'! Most of the hotels in Puerto De La Cruz have been around for a while so they don't quite match up to some of the hotels in the more widely traveled parts of Tenerife and Spain, however the hotels do try to provide good service and most hotels are continuously improving.
Puerto De La Cruz does provide hotels for any range of budget though, so if you look, you will find a hotel to suit your budget.
Resteraunts and café's of Puerto De La Cruz have excellent reviews and the restaurateurs are exceptionally and understandably proud of their culinary delights, so do try to sample as many as you can! The two most popular beaches in Puerto De La Cruz are both designed by the infamous César Manrique - Playa Martiánez and Playa Jardín and both are beautiful places to dream the time away.
Another popular spot, Lago Martiánez, also by the same designer, features eight pools, cafés, tropical gardens, fountains and waterfalls to create a truly ideal paradise in which to spend your holiday.

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