How to Catch a Wild Dog

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    • 1). Set the trap. Put the steel leg hold traps in an area where you have seen the Wild Dog.

    • 2). Bait the trap. Put the raw meat inside and around the trap to entice the Wild Dog.

    • 3). Check the trap. Come back and check the trap. Wild Dogs typically roam and feed at night.

    • 4). Don the gloves. Do not attempt to work around the Wild Dog with bare hands.

    • 5). Put the animal carrier close by, but far enough away so that the dog cannot touch it.

    • 6). Open the door to the animal carrier. You want the carrier open so it is easy to move the Wild Dog into it.

    • 7). Use the cable neck snare. When you have trapped the Wild Dog, use the cable neck snare to keep the dog under control. Place the snare around the animal's neck. Be careful during this step as the Wild Dog will not want you to come in contact with him.

    • 8). Release the Wild Dog from the trap. With the cable neck snare securely around the animal's neck, release the dog from the trap. If you have a second person to help you, this is ideal. The Wild Dog will probably be frantic and try to bite. Stay away from him.

    • 9). Use the snare to guide the Wild Dog into the animal carrier, which you should have close by. If you have another person to help, they can also guide the dog into the carrier by using a long pole or broom.

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      Move the Wild Dog into the animal carrier. Be careful when closing the door so that the dog does not bite you. Once you have the Wild Dog in the carrier, you can then either take the animal to the authorities such as your local sheriff's office or animal control. If this is not possible, you can relocate the dog to an area where he will not bother anyone.

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      Transport the Wild Dog. Wild animals are best transported in vehicles such as pickup trucks and vans. This allows for safe transport without the animal coming in contact with humans.


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